Friday, June 3, 2011

Upcoming Solo Show

Great News! I've got a solo show coming up at Main Street 5 gallery in El Cajon. It will run from mid August through early September. There will be both an opening reception (August 12) and a closing reception (September 2).
This whole thing came about through a combination of showing my work at a local café and word of mouth. The café in question, Café Loma, came to my attention through my wife, whose place of work is just down the street. As it happens, The owner of main Street 5, Esther Beish, was told about my art by Jody, the owner of Café Loma. Esther then contacted me and the rest is history.
This goes to show that big things can happen as a result of seemingly small opportunities. I have known artists who consider showing at cafés and other alternative exhibition spaces beneath them. Hogwash! If I’m not currently showing at a gallery, most of my art would be at home. The way I see it, better to have it showing at a café, where it will be viewed by hundreds of people, than to have it at home, where it will be viewed by almost no one outside of friends and family.
To paraphrase the great Joseph Campbell, when you put yourself in the field of your bliss, you will meet others who share your passion and doors will open that you did not even know existed.

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